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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hey y'all, watch this!*

Yes, I am still here--despite a truncated agenda for this morning's meeting, it STILL lasted an hour and a half. The rest of this time I have been furiously pounding out page after page of stunningly prosaic meeting minutes, and just now stopped long enough for some lunch and to drop by here. There is much earnestness in my tasks today, because tomorrow I will be...


[insert jarring orchestra chord]

Grandmama has to go in for her checkup, so in the interest of maintaining harmony, I volunteered myself to take a day off and ride herd on them. Don't know what we'll do--although there is a houseful of toys and stuff that MUST be put away, and soon. We're supposed to be having the younger kids from church over in a couple of weeks for a cookout, and if we don't want to be thoroughly embarrassed by the tales they will tell of the ramshackle condition of the inward parts of our humble abode, we must set about to deramshackle with the utmost vigor. Somehow, I see this not turning out good.

ANYway, I need to try to finish up as much as possible today, so as to have time tomorrow to fix and do and such. And then there's that Thursday Three deal that MUST be done sometime!

Which means very little in rich, creamy possumy flavor for you today---


As a super special and exciting game to play for today, I will answer the VERY FIRST QUESTION someone posts in the comments! It can be about anything (as long as it's not something really dirty), and if it's something to which I actually know the answer, I'll give you the absolute bestest answer I can. If it's something I have no knowledge about, well, I'll STILL answer it, although the result might get you in trouble. Just ONE QUESTION--whoever's first, gets an answer! I'm so excited I could just...

SING! Or not.

Now then, assuming someone actually cares enough to ask a question, there is the possibility of MORE than one (however remote the possibility), so for any runners-up in the Question Derby, I make no guarantees, but I will try to answer any other questions that may be posed. I might not answer them in order, and might not answer any of them, but we'll just have to see.

SO--Who will be the first one?! And what will the question be!?

Stay tuned.

*Reference is to the well known question, "What are usually a redneck's last words?"

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