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Monday, June 28, 2004

And now, Politics

Mr. Schranck went to the movies Saturday evening to see what there was to see.

Apparently, lots of nothing.

[...] Moore is one of the folks about whom a particularly apt lesson applies: you can’t make an a**hole feel like one. Fortunately, not many people fit that description. And just because he’s immune to logic and any notion of fair discourse doesn’t mean that the American people won’t eventually understand the error of Moore’s ways—especially the means by which he created this mockumentary. [...]

This is now the third Michael Moore film we’ve watched, and whatever appeal he ever had as a filmmaker is now gone completely. That’s it. No more Mike Moore for me. He can spend his millions preaching to his own choir if he wants, but it’s obvious Moore has no interest in engaging those with whom he disagrees into anything like an honest debate of the issues.

Life’s too short to spend any more of it with a man like that.

Well amen to that. And lest any of you think Fritz has been plotting strategy with Karl Rove, the last time I remember Mr. Schranck revealing his party affiliation, it was to say he was a registered Democrat.

Fritz's disdain for Moore is the result of understanding what he truly is, an opportunistic, bombastic heel. And Fritz rightly understands that you can't shame the shameless.

It's probably also worth pointing out that for all the shrillness on the leftmost reaches of the political bell curve about the certainty that great horrid lies have been told by their President, very few folks who espouse that view actually believe in objective, hard truth. Doubtless many would laugh in your face if you asked them if there was such a thing as absolute truth.

Moore's own "documentary" works are filled to overflow with dissembling, innuendo, prevarication, and outright lies. But, because the truth is for every man to divine on his own, separate and apart from such outdated concepts as the use of facts, Moore is lauded by his fellow moral relativists as a paragon of virtuous righteousness. Not because he is, just because he says the things with which they agree. It is by their standards that even the most patently false propaganda can even be considered a documentary. It is by that standard that cowardice is seen as bravery, terrorists are patriots, that black is white, that truth has no meaning. And heaven help those who disagree, for to disagree is repression and censorship.

It seems strange, then, for such a chorus to become so enraged, so virulent in preaching that there IS an absolute standard of truth. Conveniently, fortunately, for them, it apparently only something that applies to their adversaries.

So, you know, go see it, don't go see it--whatever. It's a free country. Your money, spend it how you want.

But know this, it didn't get to be a free country through the efforts of some self-aggrandizing sack of crap.

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