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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Speaking of Crafts

After Boy and I got in last evening from soccer practice, we set in to finish up the innumerable host large crowd handful of figurines for his sculpture project. As noted yesterday, we had finished exactly three over the weekend, all more or less the same. Some variety was in order, as well as something that at least looked like the beginning trickle of a flash mob.

We ate supper, then I sent him up to take his bath while I started again making little people. (The clay kind, not midgets.) After only about four and one half hours, I had (Boy having gone to bed four hours earlier) a nice collection of about a dozen kind-hearted citizens, most of whom looked sufficiently different in size, sex, and dress so as to appear somewhat believable.

Tonight is the hot glue to position them in place. I can hardly wait.

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