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Thursday, April 22, 2004

So I pick up the phone...

...and it's that Not At All Grouchy Nor Old Yorkie Lady on the other end! After noting her extreme poutiness at my having palavered with Mr. Schranck on the past day, I sent her the super-secret telephone number to my furry lair here at Axis of Weevil World Headquarters. And she actually used it!

Anyway, I have corresponded with Franfresca for several years now, and since I have heard her sing before, I kinda had an idea what she would be like in a real conversation. She, on the other hand, has never heard my mellifluous, Tennessee Ernie Ford-like patois. She says I sound just as she figured I would; which I know was supremely disappointing, but that's what you get.

As with our e-mail exchanges over the past months, the conversation swung wildly between topics, including the news of the hot, Hot, HOT! new Hezbollah teevee game show, The Mission! It's not Scrappleface, it's REAL! Real idiotic, but real. (NYTimes link--reg. req'd)

[...] Contestants from around the Arab world compete each Saturday night for cash and the chance to win a virtual trip to Jerusalem. To heighten the drama, points won by the finalists translate directly into steps toward the holy city that are flashed onto a map of the region.

The show is a novel way for Hezbollah to promote its theme - that all Arab efforts should be concentrated on reconquering land lost to Israel, especially Jerusalem.

"Any program at this television station must present the idea that the occupation of Palestine must end," said Ihab Abi Nassif, a 28-year-old high school physics teacher who is the show's host. "That is the core issue, which is why we work day and night to keep it vivid in people's minds." [...]

"Tell 'em what they've won, J'hahni!"


Speaking of e-mail, I mentioned to Francesca that Chet is now officially Chet the GMAIL Boy, after I made the discovery last night that due to Google owning Blogger, Blogger account holders have the option of signing up for a Gmail account! Way cool--I had tried to sign up when the announcement first came out, but they just said it wasn't ready to go. I don't usually ever go to the main Blogger page--I just keep the edit page bookmarked--but since I was posting from home last night, I had to log in, and there was the announcement, bigger'n day! SO, I signed up. From now on, if you want to send me something, address it as terryoglesby@gmail.com.

Oh, I know about the security concerns and privacy issues and advertising stuff and all that. Eh. Whatever. I'll put up with a lot for 1gig of free space.

As for the other topics, they included cutlery, children, cussing, and Jessica Rabbit. And a promise to continue ringing up long-distance charges on the company tab.

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