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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Maybe I'll have to call him Chet the Gmail Boy...

Google to Offer Users Free E-Mail Service

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Google Inc. is introducing a free e-mail service to send a blunt message — the maker of the world's most popular online search engine is pulling off the gloves in its clash with high-tech heavyweights Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Inc.

The company unleashed the latest blow in a fierce fight for Web supremacy late Wednesday by promising to deliver 250 to 500 times more storage space than the market-leading e-mail services provided by Yahoo and Microsoft's Hotmail.

But there's a catch to the e-mail. Hoping to turn a profit from the service — dubbed Gmail — privately held Google has programmed its computers to dissect the topics being discussed in the e-mails and then deliver text-based ads related to the subjects.

For instance, an e-mail from one friend to another discussing an upcoming concert might prompt Google to include an advertising link from a ticketing agency.

"I don't think (the ads) will be annoying at all," Google co-founder Larry Page said during an interview Wednesday. "We think this will give us a business model that will work and allow us to provide a high-quality service."

Page said Gmail shouldn't raise serious privacy concerns because Google plans to closely guard the content of the e-mail messages. Ads are unlikely to accompany most e-mails, he said.

Gmail will offer 1 gigabyte of storage space, roughly 500,000 pages of e-mail. Gmail users will be able to receive up to 10 megabytes in a single e-mail — more than the free services of Yahoo and Microsoft's Hotmail allow to be stored in an entire mailbox. [...]

Sign me up. I have an old Yahoo account from back when they gave you 6Mb, and it stays close to capacity. Then again, part of the problem is that I refuse to clean out old messages--but I like to keep them.

As for the ads, well, I really don't care--Yahoo is already so chock full of ads that I have ceased to notice them.

Party on, Chet.

UPDATE: As sugarmama notes in the comments, this could be a prank by those wascally Googleers, but maybe not--there is this from Reuters: Google says "Gmail" is no joke

[...] Google's announcement was questioned because of the U.S. No. 1 search service's unconventional sub-heading on a press release and because it also posted a fictional job listing seeking engineers for a "Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering (GCHEESE)" lunar outpost.

Google's free e-mail service called Gmail, which will offer significantly more storage than Yahoo or MSN, "is not a hoax," said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's vice president of products.

Google's unconventional March 31 press release announcing Gmail helped set Internet message boards alight because the sub-heading read: "Search is Number Two Online Activity -- Email is Number One: 'Heck, Yeah,' Say Google Founders."

"It is April Fool's Day. We were having fun with this announcement. We are very serious about Gmail," Rosenberg said in an interview. [...]

As you know, Reuters is a "news" service ::snicker:: so anything they print HAS to be accurateBWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!


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