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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Marsupial Crafts!

Just had a visitor stumble through looking for a "possum mobile".

I'm certain they wound up here due to a post many moons ago about my superhero alter-ego Possum Man:
Escaping near death after being hit by an out-of-control nuclear waste truck while crossing the road, Possum Man soon found he had developed extraordinary crime-fighting powers. With his brain now shrunken to the size of a walnut, he lost all fear (along with good sense) and could be found waddling stealthily into the secret lairs of evil-doers. Quietly using his opposable hind toes and his prehensile tail to defuse bombs (usually successfully) and dial the telephone to order pizza (never a misdial), Possum Man is feared by all of your better known nefarious, ne'er do-well types. Even when trapped in seemingly dire situations, he is able to confuse and nauseate his captors with his ability to feign death or expel horrid scent gland secretions, all while wearing a soft and stylish fur coat.

Forced by society (because he looks more or less like a giant rat, and he smells, and he hisses when angry) to live in his Secret Tree Nest of the Forest (which is actually just a mobile home up on 4 foot high pilings--he does have TiVo, though, and a really cool '87 Firebird), Possum Man nonetheless carries out his sworn duty to root out the grubs of evil across the land, especially his archnemesis, the Budweiser Ferret, who with his incessant "whi-ee, whi-ee, whi-ee" sound, managed to score with all the chicks and make it big on the TV.

He does have his weaknesses, of course, as do all superheroes--he is not bulletproof, the sight of an onrushing car makes him faint, and he is easily confused by...well, by basically anything.
HOWEVER--in looking at the returned results (yes, amazingly enough there was more than just Possumblog) it occurred to me that "mobile" might not be the type pronounced 'mo-beel,' but rather the mobile that means a sculpture suspended in midair whose delicately balanced parts can be set in motion by air currents.

I came to this conclusion based upon the link to this site, that has all sorts of fun craft things you can make for your kids, including said delicately balanced possum mobile. Scroll down to the very last page of the document, and you will find an illustration and this description:

Cut two long egg-shaped pieces for the body from gray paper. Glue the two sides of the body together with a six-inch pink pipe cleaner in between, sticking out the wide end for a tail. Cut two head shapes, round on one side and coming to a point on the other side. Glue the two sides of the head together with the pointed end sticking out from the body for the nose. Punch a hole from pink paper and glue it on the tip of the nose. Add ears and eyes with a black marker. Wrap the end of the pink tail around a stick so the possum can hang. Tie the end of a piece of yarn on each side of the stick to make a hanger. “Giggle, giggle!”

Heh. Indeed.

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