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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'm all for 'em.

An intrepid inquirist just dropped by the Possumblog Election Information Desk wondering how to--vote for pretty girls in town.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "A pretty democracy is a strong democracy," meaning that it's very important that you make your voice heard on election day and vote for the prettiest girls possible for both your local, and national, offices.

Next, could this be an indication that my kids have accidentally found Possumblog?--my mom is a packrat. If so, this particular search string is going to make someone rather miffed.

Digging through the Grant's Tomb File, we have this question--who is buried in the strangers ground elmwood cemetery?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess strangers. There are some folks there who are better known, though, although that doesn't really answer the question. Oh well.

Next, I urge Miss Janis to look away, because some disturbed Fabio fan wanted to see--Fabio after getting hit by a bird, photographs.

I usually refrain from posting links to satisfy such prurient interests by others, but if it was good enough to make CNN's Picture of the Day, I figure it must be real, hard-hitting (so to speak) news, and since I am a real newshound, I figure I must be doing a service by passing it along. Right?

ANYway, that's that for now.

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