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Friday, April 02, 2004

"Happy Trails, to you..."

I have some garbage to finish picking up around here, and then I'm going to go home for a jam-packed weekend of fun. Boy's getting his mouth fitted for his braces this afternoon, so that'll be fun to deal with, and then we have three stinkin' soccer games tomorrow--Cat at 9, Boy at 3:10, and then Cat again at SEVEN PEE EM (!), then Rebecca will have one SUNDAY in HUNTSVILLE at FOUR. And then there's the normal bit of churching-up to be done, as well as a supper to attend tomorrow night at 6:00 (yes, only one hour before someone's game, which means much running around) and the new quarter starts for our classes on Sunday, meaning almost without a doubt someone will not show up or will not know what to do, and there's a stack of laundry the size of a bus in the laundry room, and the yard is now nice and green with the sprouting loveliness of dandelions and wild violets, not to mention the sprouting of fire ant mounds everywhere.

I feel tired in advance.

All of you have a good weekend, and we'll talk Monday.

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