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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Three straight hours of taking notes during a public meeting without a bathroom break is not quite up there with laying down a hot-mopped tar roof in August, but it is rather tiring nonetheless.

That was a long one. And complicated. Meaning no time to play today, at least until late afternoon. SO, go on up there in the blogroll and look around, and especially make sure to note that Betsy Newmark's link is back up. Jim Smith e-mailed me last night after noticing that she was missing, and I can't figure out how she got nipped unless it was done during the past few weeks when I was adding folks and shifting names around. My apologies to her and assurances that the oversight was unintentional.

So anyway, check back in later today and we'll see if anything waddles out into the middle of the road that's worth running over.

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