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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Calif. Man Illegally Tapes 'Dirty Blonde'

PASADENA, Calif. - One person apparently thought the Pasadena Playhouse's stage production of "Dirty Blonde" was worth immortalizing.

Police were called to the theater Sunday after a man was caught illegally videotaping an afternoon performance of the play about the actress Mae West, officials said.

Lead actress Claudia Shear noticed the man videotaping, came down from the stage and asked the man for the tape, but he refused to turn it over, said Playhouse spokesman Ken Novice.

"The audience then got into the action and began chanting 'Give back the tape!'" he said.

After police were called to the theater, the man turned over the tape and was escorted away, Novice said. Police said the problem was resolved without incident.

Novice said Playhouse officials will not ask police to charge the man, who was not identified, with illegal videotaping. The man told officials he arrived late and did not hear the announcement or see the written notice in the program warning against videotaping, Novice said.

See?! This is just another example of the scourge of live theater. Not only is it environmentally insensitive (as I posted yesterday), it also leads to ruffianism and hooliganism! People acting all lawless and uncouth--it's just horrible. You'd never see such unseemly behavior in the scenic outdoor surroundings at Talladega, that's for sure.

(And another thing, if I was going to hire a spokesman, I think I would be sure to hire an Expert.)

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