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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Timing is Everything

Sat down to eat supper last night and after the usual round of twelve different conversations carried on simultaneously, it had finally quieted down a bit as the various hyenas attacking a wildebeest carcass hungry children finished up and excused themselves. Rebecca decided she wanted one more piece of the fancy toasted French bread to sample some of Mom's spinach dip, but ALAS! and WOE! all the toast had already been devoured.

We told her to just get a slice of bread out of the box and toast it, but she balked at that. Jonathan, being the helpful little brother he is, suggested, "Crackers are bread." Without a moment's waste, Catherine, who had been preternaturally quiet all evening, piped up and said, "Violets are blue..."

That one got an honest guffaw out of both Mom and Dad.

Of course, getting Dad to laugh is like hitting the jackpot with them, so she started trying out more material (which I felt was highly derivative and lacked spontaneity) and I had to give her the quick tutorial about going out on top with your big joke and not spoil it by endlessly repeating it.

She'll be appearing at Chuckles & Grins next week at 8 and 10:15 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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