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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Speaking of Komic Kids

Got started on the morning's Toothbrush Story with Cat--little girl in forest, calling woodland critters to come home and brush teeth, finds Kelly the Bunny and Foxy Loxy (who continually bites and licks the tender parts of Kelly the Bunny to determine which parts would go best with cornbread and coffee) and then, a wall. You see, there needed to be another animal, and I was at a loss for one. I asked for Catherine's suggestions, but she had none. "Well, Cat, what about...a possum?"

She looked at me with a puzzled look, "Dad, we don't have no possums at our house." I explained that we had lots of them all over the place, but she still had a look of great consternation (or constipation) on her face.

Then the light went on as she remembered what, exactly, a possum is. "OHHH. Wait--a possum is one of them animals that's on the road."

"Yes! That's right."

"And they're playing dead."

"Well, yeah, I uhh..."

"And then at night, they gets up and leave."

"Ahhhm, well...I don't think they get up and leave."

"Okay, I want the other animal to be a hamster."

So Kelly the Bunny and Foxy Loxy and Hammie the Hamster all had sparkly teeth.

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