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Friday, February 13, 2004

One of the things I missed in the last few days due to stupid old work was the fact that all you folks who have grown to love watching race truck driver Tina Gordon shill for Sticks-N-Stuff (ONLY $299?! WOOOO!) will have to readjust your brain--last week it was announced that she has a new sponsor, Vassarette, a maker of ladies unmentionables.

They had a big media deal down in Daytona last week, and she was there in her race jumpsuit (no NASCAR driver can EVER be seen unless shown in a driving suit, you know) with her vee-hickle and a bra in her hands. Flashbulbs and microphones and television cameras and all that. One of our local guys had an interview with her, and she was noting that a lingerie-maker sponsorship like this makes sense from a marketing perspective since "40% of our fans wear panties and bras."

Now, judging by what I hear goes on down in the infield, that 40% figure might be a bit high. 'WOO!', as Tina might say.

This really COULD be interesting if she ever actually won a race--you know how drivers keep changing sponsor hats during the post-race interview? Well, changing underwear would be much more interesting.

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