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Monday, February 16, 2004

I'm typing...

...therefore, I must not be dead. The reflection in the mirror this morning, however, would tend to indicate otherwise. But, here I am, and there you are, which means that either I owe you money, or you're waiting to hear all about the weekend.

You'll have to give me a bit of time in either instance, although I can promise you will have one before the other. Sadly, the one that is more readily available cannot be used to purchase breakfast.

BUT, what I can give you are ripping yarns of Braces, Eating Out, Wal-Mart D'Amour, Driving to Columbiana, And Back, Seeing Mama'n'em, Buying Pants, Eating Out, Returning Pants, Groceries, Bad Thoughts in Church, Driving Some More, Wal-Mart Again, Where Everyone Started Going Instead of the Ruby Tuesday in Leeds, and I am Completely Insane.

Check back in a bit.

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