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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Darn it all, Dr. Reynolds already used that one yesterday--let's try this one...


Intruder Shot but Furniture OK in Calif.

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - A 53-year-old woman who fired nine shots with two handguns to ward off an intruder said she tried to avoid hitting her furniture.

"Priorities, right?" said Carolyn Lisle of Rancho Cordova. "It was one of those nights. I have a few holes in my glass out front."

The Sacramento County sheriff's department said William Kriske, a 47-year-old parolee, was treated for a gunshot wound to the arm, then jailed on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest after he crashed through Lisle's sliding glass door Thursday evening.

Lisle's three guests fled the home, but she took action, opening fire with a .357 caliber revolver.

"He was like a mosquito hitting the window. Every time he turned around, poweee," she told the Sacramento Bee.

She emptied her first handgun as the intruder crashed through another window to escape, then retrieved a second revolver as he broke into her garage.

"I like to be prepared," she said. [...]

I'd say so, but it might be good to put in a few more hours on the practice range (or get an auto with a high-capacity magazine.)

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