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Friday, February 06, 2004

From Ad Age, the story of an Internet show about nothing...

AMEX Plans Jerry Seinfeld-Meets-Superman Internet Show

[...] Seinfeld 'Webisodes'

American Express now is preparing to launch "Seinfeld Webisodes," a series of five-minute video programs viewable exclusively on AmericanExpress.com, Mr. Hayes said. The series will feature Mr. Seinfeld in live action and Superman as an animated character.

Mr. Seinfeld has been the centerpiece of the company's TV advertising since the early '90s. Some of the most memorable commercials from that Ogilvy & Mather campaign featured Mr. Seinfeld humorously using the card at the grocery store or the gas station.

GOLLY! This sounds GREAT! Especially if these actually turn out to be funny. 'Cause the teevee ads sure aren't. And that's from someone who likes Seinfeld. And Superman.


Mr. Hayes said American Express has dramatically altered its marketing communications strategies and continues to place ever more emphasis on the emerging technologies, such as the Web, that have changed audience consumption patterns.

'Why the Web?'

"Why the Web?" he asked. "Because it has already proven to be a primary [audience and customer] acquisition channel for the future."

"With more homes having access to high-speed Internet services, younger people are spending a larger amount of their time surfing the Web, instant-messaging with their friends and using e-mail," he said. [...]

Gosh, those wacky, zany kids and their electronic doodads! E-mail! Instant-messaging! Why back in my day, we had to use the telephone to send an instant message!

I wish them luck--I can just imagine how popular it will be among the l33t set. "hey ck out the new sinefled ad on amercain expres! IT ROX!"

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