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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Dumb old computers.

For some reason, the big pipe at my desk isn't working right today--one minute, it's up and clicking along normally, then the next, it locks up and it's completely dead. Try to log back on and it starts going through its proxy setting detection routine (even though we don't use proxies) and then, nothing. Five seconds later, or five minutes, try to log on and it's fine. Or not.

Must be the wind.

In any event, no matter what it is, it is making the task of giving you all the world-reknowned non-content you have come to expect from Possumblog nigh unto impossible. This particular post itself is being entered as I sit in the Third Floor of the Main Branch of the Birmingham Public Library--next to me is a very frightening looking man who looks like a bum or a serial killer. He's checking the stock market.

Well, off to lunch for now--maybe things will get back to normal later. Or not.

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