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Friday, February 06, 2004

And now for something compleatly different...

Wedding Guest Cow Wanders Into Bank

BERLIN (Reuters) - A Friesian cow took a detour from a wedding where she was meant to be a guest of honor, wandering into a German bank where she was caught on security cameras sidling up to the tellers.

Oooo--hot German cow-sidling action!

Top German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Friday published four robber-style photos of the cow, named Paula, strolling into the Sparkasse savings bank in Wunstorf, a small rural town in northern Germany.

"The cow entered, made an elegant turn and walked right back out," a bank spokeswoman said. "It was an extraordinary experience, but it was over very quickly."

Maybe, she thought, Paula the cow will return. Yes, return--and allow her once again to have that extraordinary experience. "A silly dream," she said aloud, to no one in particular. But a dream that woiuld come to haunt her for all her remaining days.

The cow was supposed to be taking part in a nearby wedding ceremony when it wandered into the bank. When farmers in the rural region marry, the new bride traditionally milks a cow to prove her skills in the homestead economy.

"Ja, Lena ist not very pretty, but you should see her skills mit der teats!"

The Management wish to apologise for the crudity and senseless mockery of the above entry. Those of you who purchased the Executive Version will receive a ticket for a free showing of "Lady Mabelsbeth's Overwhelming Day." Those who have not yet upgraded to the Executive Version are asked to cover their eyes with a piece of cloth.

Thank you.

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