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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

And just this morning, I was going to put some acetone on my organoaluminum compound for breakfast...

Greg Hlatky finds out that the Law of Averages is a stern taskmaster:

[...] When I added some acetone to the organoaluminum compound it detonated. It would seem that while the outside of the crystals had decomposed, the inner part had not and was still very reactive.

The bang knocked out the lights in the hood and cut the exhaust motor out. Pieces of glass hit me in the head, hand and abdomen. The last of these was the last one I noticed, but the worst. The wound bled pretty profusely for a few minutes. The site's emergency squad was called and I was transported to an industrial hygiene clinic, where they pulled several pieces of glass out of my belly and put a few stitches in.

I'm fine for duty today, so there's no lost-time accident. The greatest injury is to my dignity. Twenty five years of being a laboratory chemist and this is the first time I've had an incident. [...]

Ouch. Best of luck on a speedy recover, Greg.

(And take it from me, injuring your dignity ain't such a terrible thing--I do it every day.)

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