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Monday, January 05, 2004

Yes, I'm here...

...having returned from distant lands and from meeting the peculiar peoples of those lands. I have sacks full of frightening tales of mystery and intrigue--peculiar and freakish yarns of trips to places undreamt of by our ancestors, such as the Sonic Drive-in, the Trussville Wal-Mart, the JC Penney and McRae's at Century Plaza, the CVS Pharmacy (which lives under the bridge at the foot of the hill, not unlike some sort of troll or ogre), AND, the Leeds Wal-Mart! Yes, it is a thrilling and incredible saga that some may think pure legend or prevarication, but I say NAY! 'Tis true! More or less.

BUT, before you read them, I have to type something other than this silly placeholder--give me a minute or two and I'll be right back.

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