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Friday, January 02, 2004

Well, just about time to head home again--lots of stuff on tap this weekend--first thing is to see if the painters knocked anything else off the walls.

They went around the house yesterday nailing boards back down and managed to knock a decorative plate off of our kitchen wall. Oddly enough, the plate didn't get hurt a bit, but it did fall on one of my Christmas gifts and damage it. The gift was from Reba, too, which made it hurt even more--it is a set of Statler and Waldorf figurines (I guess you could call them inaction figures--the idea that they would be the action sort is comical in itself) from the Muppet Show, each in his own little black suit with chairs and over-ripe tomatoes. Poor Statler suffered a broken vest, right above where his legs attach. ::sigh:: Time for the Super Glue.

Tomorrow, we've planned to go do returns of clothes that didn't fit, which promises to be wonderful, all-day fun. (Not really) Then Sunday starts the new quarter for classes at church, and as always I expect there will be at least one teacher who comes up to me and says she had no idea she was teaching. Why, YES, you ARE!

Thankfully, all the Christmas decorations have been put away--that was another thing I did yesterday, in between weather forecasting and changing the light bulb in the shower stall and going to Target to pick up photos and going back to the grocery store to pick up some sherbet for a wife of mine who was acting very pitiful because I had twice forgotten in previous trips to get some sherbet.

Taking down the tree and putting away all the ornaments is always such a bummer--everyone wants to decorate, no one wants to undecorate. And I had to get out the stupid blasted vacuum cleaner afterwards, too, which I think is why I hate having to put everything away in the first place.

Anyway, there's probably a lot of other stuff that'll happen this weekend, so be sure to drop by Monday and let's see what it was.

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