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Friday, January 16, 2004

Well, coulda seen this one coming--Federated to close Rich's-Macy's store in Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Federated Department Stores Inc. said Friday it would close a Rich's-Macy's in suburban Birmingham and four other stores nationally that aren't making enough money.

The move will affect 75 people who work at the Century Plaza location, which will shut down by May. [...]
Century Plaza is the mall I posted about back during the Christmas Return season. Bad news for them, because I can't think of a comparable anchor store who would want to go back in the vacated space, and it was the one large store with some tiny bit of upmarket appeal. Penney's, Sears, and McRae's don't quite make it.

Not sure of the whole story of the unprofitability of this Rich's store; some is due, I'm sure, to the location and age of the mall, which has been eclipsed by trendier places. I do know from personal experience that at least part of their trouble has been stunningly poor service and a inversely proportional attitude of superiority. I never will forget receiving a flyer from them advertising a special promotion on our sterling silver pattern. It was a very good price for service for eight, and when you bought the whole set, it also came with a storage box and a nice silverplate coffee service.

Since this was back when we had first gotten married and still had some money, we decided to go ahead and buy it. I went to the store over at Brookwood Village--dressed in normal clothes--button down shirt, slacks, dress shoes.

I walked in to the silver 'n' china section where I was studiously ignored by the salesladies. I finally got one girl's attention by standing directly in front of her, "Hi, I saw this sales paper and wanted to get the silverware and coffee service." She didn't even look at the paper, "What sale?"

Grr. "THIS one. Eight place setting of sterling, comes with a box and a four-piece coffee service."

"Oh. You mean silver-PLATE."

"No, ma'am, I mean the exact same thing that's in this picture right here--sterling silver--the coffee pot's what's plated."

She turned without a word and went and consulted with another harpy standing behind her, "We'll have to order that."

Grr. "FINE." So she grudgingly wrote it up and I paid for it. "I'll go ahead and take my coffee service with me now."

"You can get it when your order comes in."

Grr. "Well, seeing as how I have already paid for it, and seeing as how you have boxes of them right over there on the shelf, I think you could probably go ahead and give me one." Again, consultation with the Assistant Shrew, and a box was retrieved and placed on the counter. She then turned and walked away.

I took my box and gave her a nice loud, "Thank yooooou!"

I've been back to this and the other stores in the area over the intervening years, and have yet to receive any better service.

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