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Friday, January 02, 2004


Now, it’s not quite as nice as the one Lyman got for Christmas, but it’s pretty neat, nonetheless. My brother- and sister-in-law sent me a nifty little deal from La Crosse Technology that has all sorts of stuff--it’s like this one, but it also keeps up with the moon phases, and it has a projector light that shines up onto the ceiling with the time and outside temp, and best of all, it has one of them there nucular clocks so I can know precisely how late I am for something.

I got it out and set it up yesterday morning while watching the Tournament of Roses Parade (looking for the elusive Bayer Advanced float) and it really is pretty darned cool--even if all I could think about was how many Quebeçois teenagers would be laughing at the company’s name.

Anyway, it has now taken the spot on the nightstand previously reserved for the pile of cash register receipts and television remote. The projected time/temp deal really is cool, except as I learned this morning, without my glasses on, I can read it no better than anything else. Maybe if there was a way to blow the image up to two or three feet high.

(Oh, by the way, it's still not as accurate as a weather dog.)

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