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Friday, January 16, 2004

Nearly there

Quitting time is rolling around pretty soon--I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend. I know that sometime Saturday is going to be soccer practice for Middle Girl, and there's supposed to be stuff at church all day Sunday, except for the brief interlude where we have to go visit pseudo-relatives across the county. Blech.

At least I will finally get to see the house in something other than dim morning or evening light. I think it looks better, but it's hard to tell. I can see that the painters have left a nice sign in my yard, and have managed to leak several gallons of oil or transmission fluid onto the street in front of the house. I think whoever belongs to that truck needs to tie a bucket under the crankcase.

Monday is an off-day from work for all of us at Casa de los Possums, but three of the kids get to make the trip down to the foot of the hill to the dentist's office. Which will be really, REALLY fun.

OH, how could I forget?! We lately have agreed to be model parents, who show themselves to be interested in the intellectual growth of their progeny by joining with other like-minded souls whose children attend school with ours and agreeing to turn the television off one night a week for the coming month! We are encouraged to engage in uplifting and wholesome family time together--reading, talking, seeking to reach sustainable understanding, playing stimulating games of skill and knowledge.

"Daddy, you have to sign this and send it back."

"Will do, sugar [said to Middle Girl]--it's important that we realize that the television can have a deleterious effect on family time!"


"Nothin'. Hmm. It doesn't ask us to say exactly when we're agreeing to do this?"

"No, sir."

"Well, then. I think it's pretty clear that we will not be watching any television on Sunday nights!"

A somewhat confused look crossed her face, "But Dad, we're never home on Sunday nights anyway."

In the immortal words of the blogosphere, "Heh, indeed."

Anyway, see you all bright and early Tuesday. Have yourselves a good weekend.

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