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Thursday, January 08, 2004

I don't want to disappoint Dave.

Dave wrote me a bit earlier, with no small amount of disappointment and chagrin. It seems Dave believed that I, in all of my morning's historic reveries, had forgotten one of the other world-altering occurrences that happened on this date. An event, much like the defeat of the British at New Orleans, that would thrust America into the forefront of the world stage. Lest any of the rest of you become all shook up that I may have neglected to mark this day, let me say--Ladies and gentlemen, today marks the birthdate of Elvis Aaron Presley.

With humble beginnings from his small Tupelo, Mississippi boyhood home, Elvis Presley would become a world star--shaking hands with a Quaker, marrying a really hot chick, and even in his eternal rest having his own signature wine.

Be sure to visit the Elvis-a-Rama Museum when you reach Las Vegas. (Free shuttle service available.)

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