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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

AND, speaking of Jim Smith...

Chet the E-Mail Boy just came trotting (or stumbling, hard to tell) in here with a note from the wilds of East Carolina:
I never remember a resolution to two items from the past:

1. Miss Reba's job search and

2. the great computer OS upgrade from the non-supported windows 95 to the soon to be non-supported windows 98.

Feel free to answer on the blog, by email or treat this request like my wife and students treat all my requests, just like they never heard them.
Hmm? What?


Well, yes, I haven't had an update on those items lately due to the huge amount of inactivity on both accounts. Reba is still at the same old grind, still doing the same thing, and putting up with the same old crap. Still perusing the newspapers, but it's hard to do serious job hunting when you have a full-time job during the day, and a full-time job when you get home. But, all things in good time, I reckon.

AS FOR THE COMPUTER--as you all fondly recall, I had bought a new printer to install on the computer for the kids, seeing that the old one (printer, not kid) had puked up several tiny springs and widgets and began imitating a dead parrot. However, the new printer, a lovely HP SomethingorotherJet, didn't have a Win95 driver, which is bad, because the computer has Win95 installed on it.

So, I decided to enter the new millenium and install Windows ME. Went to Staples, plunked down my moolah, excitedly got home and began the installation process. But you see, because I am a complete computer retard, I had compressed the hard drive when I first got this computer, and couldn't figure a way to get it UNcompressed in order to install the new update software.

I have found that the printer makes an excellent place to store paper, and the Windows ME disc made a festive and attractive holiday ornament.

Derned kids don't need no printer no way.

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