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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


The mathematical definition is W=F x d.

Somehow, piddling around all day cutting out bits of paper and running copies and answering about forty kabillion phone calls doesn't really seem to fit the definition, although it does have a way of eating away at valuable blogging time.

And then tomorrow promises even more of the same, with one of our twice-monthly episodes of bureaucratic funmaking and jollification. EXCEPT--due to there only being one such meeting last month, the agenda for this meeting stretches out over two pages, meaning lots of time spent in the conference room tomorrow, and lots of time spent subsequently typing up the minutes so that they have that wonderfully hot and crispy Possumblog flavor.

Maybe one day we'll put the minutes online so you can join in all the merriment, but for now, it just takes away from the aforesaid valuable blogging time (or, as I like to call it, VBT, which is inversely proportional to W.)

For now, though, you and I both are just going to have to play with what we've been dealt. That is, unless my friend with the Nigerian National Bank of Commerce and Industry is able to come through with that $28,000,000--once that gets here, I'll be able to retire and blog all the time.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow afternoon sometime... ::wistful sigh::

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