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Monday, December 15, 2003

Well, hello!

Been a busy morning so far, which explains why this is the first thing up. Lots of interesting stuff this weekend--come back in a bit and read all about Holiday Shopping (Ewww), Baking Cookies, Baking More Cookies, Arts and Crafts, Romance Fills the Air (As Daddy Contemplates Which Provides the Greatest Level of Intimidation to a 14 Year Old Boy--Schizophrenic Rambling or Firearm Fondling), Bible Bowling, and Why I Will Never Darken the Doorway of the Leeds Ruby Tuesday Ever Again, Unless I Am Quite Dead and am Dropped There By Accident, In Which Case I Will Momentarily Come Back to Life so as to Drag My Moldering Corpse Some Other Place.

Oh, and Saddam got a much needed shave and a hair cut. Here's hoping he get's everything else he needs.

Anyway, be back in a bit with lots of stuff you may or may not want to read--AND, sometime this week will be the fulfilment of a special request by Unfreezing writer Jim Smith for what the world looks like through the eyes of an architect.

I promise to make up LOTS of interesting stuff for that one!

Jim has asked for me to talk more about architecture before, and I have had great intentions of doing just that, but I have always got stuck on the idea that no one wants to hear me spout shop talk. Then I remembered that this is a weblog, and therefore is quite the proper venue for information no one wants to hear, so as I said, I promise to work on something right quick.

But first, Tales of Shopping!

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