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Monday, December 01, 2003

Steven Taylor had a good article in the Sunday edition of The Birmingham News laying out the odds for the Democratic candidate most likely to face Bush in November. Steve says the nomination is Dean's to lose, and given his analysis I'd say he's probably right. He's even more right when he says:
[...] Here's the bottom line: Most voters aren't paying that much attention to the Democratic field at this point, [...]
Despite the fact that circuses are FUN, they are less fun when it's just all clowns. Where's the wild animals? Where's the highwire act? Where are the chicks in sequins and big feather headdresses? Add that, and voters might pay more attention.

In any event, should Dean win the nomination, there are a lot of folks over on the Angry Left who are buzzing like a Magic Fingers bed about the possibility of engaging Bush in a debate. Much like a lot of the Angry Right was buzzing about how the cleverly vituperative adult Bob Dole would make mincemeat of the silly frat boy Philanderer-in-Chief.

Sometimes, anger just comes across all wrong.

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