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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

OH, and in other big news…

Part of my day yesterday was spent welcoming My Friend Jeff’s and My Friend Cathy’s new baby to the world! Just didn’t have time to detail it all, but it involved a lunchtime dash over to Brookwood Medical Center to drop off gifts and behold the offspring—I had thought lunchtime would be plenty of time for them to wrestle the little goober out (the baby, not Jeff), but he and Jeff were still waiting patiently when I got there.

I got them to page Jeff to the waiting room, where I handed him a cute little teddy bear gift bag holding a couple of precious lil’ boy outfits with tiny cars embroidered on them and the words “Vroom-Vroom,” and some little bootees, and some sweet little tee-shirts. “Here. This is for Cathy.”

Then I handed him a plastic grocery store bag, handles tied together with a wire tie and a fuzzy red bow that I stole from the box of office Christmas decorations. The bag contained the last month’s worth of AutoWeeks, as well as a couple of other car magazines that I have picked up since we last swapped books. “Annnd, this is for you and the boy.”


Not a problem. Anyway, I had to get back to work, and told him to be sure to let me know how things came out. So to speak. Got the word last evening that little My-Friend-Cathy’s-Maiden-Name + My-Friend-Jeff’s-Dad’s-Name was born at 2:30 yesterday afternoon (an 8 hour labor) weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 shillings and stretching out to a full 21 inches.

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