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Thursday, December 04, 2003


Robert Novak's column today jumps on the fading phenomenon of the recent Reagan movie/hatchet job and its not-too-subtle secondary target of opportunity, George Bush. Novak's opinions pretty much cover what you would expect, but the most interesting part of the whole article is the last two paragraphs, speaking about the source of the screenplay:
[...] A better source would have been Reagan: A Life in Letters, a remarkable book published this year containing 834 pages of mostly handwritten letters by Ronald Wilson Reagan. It reveals a literate and intelligent man who bears no resemblance to the fool portrayed in ''The Reagans.''

The book recently fell into the hands of one of the leading operatives in Democrat Howard Dean's campaign for president. ''I had always had a low opinion of Reagan's intelligence,'' he told me, ''until this book changed my mind.'' He would be advised to wonder whether his contempt for George W. Bush is as ill-considered as it formerly was against Reagan.
Exactly. Sadly, though, the attitude of the "leading operative" seems to be all too common among people who think so highly of their own intelligence.

The whole Chimpy-the-Idiot line of "thought" (just like its Bedtime for Bonzo -Bozo predecessor) is far beyond tiresome--it's unproductive and philosophically lazy and NOT the way to win an election.

(By the way, here's a link to the book.)

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