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Friday, December 12, 2003

Fun with Referral Logs!

Haven't done this lately, but today seems to be a bit busy with folks who desperately need my help.

First up, a Greek-speaking Dr. Evil-type Googler looks for THE SIX MILLLLION DOLLAR MAN. Forget Steve Austin--the really interesting person is Jaime Sommers, shown here in an episode where she went into the future to imitate Madonna.

Next, since we were speaking of Bionics, a similar request from someone searching for biodynamics guatemala. You will notice that Possumblog is the FIFTY-FIRST result, meaning someone out there really, REALLY wants to know about Guatemalan biodynamics, enough to click on something titled Possumblog. Well, sorry to be of so little help--my doctoral dissertation on biodynamics only covers Honduras and Belize.

And what would a visit to Possumblog be, without something for the car enthusiasts among us?!! (Well, probably better, but I'll let that go.) Anyway, some swingin' fan of Czech iron wanted to see some swanky skoda pictures. Always glad to help out a fellow auto-lover: it doesn't hardly get any swankier than this, although this comes pretty close. As does this. Fixer-upper? Sure--"Slight surface rust, hit lightly on front end, sunroof, great for collector." And then, there's the swankiest Skoda of them all!

Now then, having dispensed with that, it's time to get back to what Possumblog is most known for--heartwarming tales of family life. That's why someone came here looking for one of my sweet, touching tales about dentist daddy pliers chair. Always keep your pliers clean--I sanitize mine in a pan full of carburetor cleaner--and have plenty of soft, fluffy cotton around. (It's very helpful to stuff in your ears to cut down on all the terrible noise.)

Finally, someone else has found out my greatest claim to fame: The world's shortest giant. I'm also the world's tallest dwarf.

SO, there you go.

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