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Monday, December 08, 2003

And then there was smoked pigs!!

After that refreshing bit of holiday cheer, it was time for some supper. Back out to The 'Ville, where we stopped in at Jim 'n' Nick's for some good old barbecue. Got inside and in a continuation of the miracle of earlier in the evening, we managed to snag a seat within only about fifteen minutes.

I got the pulled pork plate with beans and slaw--mmmmMM! Absolute heaven. I felt duty-bound to try their habanero barbecue sauce--dark brown, almost black, and pungent even from an arm's length away. I put a drop on the side of the plate and dipped a hunk of meat in and...OO! Hot.

Just too much. Their regular sauce is good just like it is, and a couple drops of Crystal or Louisiana Hot Sauce adds some heat and flavor if you want it, but the quarter-million Scoville stuff is just too much--it's too hot to taste anything other than pain.

Good food, though.

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