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Monday, December 15, 2003

And finally, Why I Will Never Darken the Doorway of the Leeds Ruby Tuesday Ever Again, Unless I Am Quite Dead and am Dropped There By Accident, In Which Case I Will Momentarily Come Back to Life so as to Drag My Moldering Corpse Some Other Place

Now, to refresh all of our memories, we usually eat at Ruby Tuesday in Leeds at least two or three times a month. It’s convenient, since it’s right on the way to and from church, and the food’s not really that bad, and until recently, they had a pretty decent wait staff, including Jennifer, The Perfect Waitress, whose has a cheerfully welcoming perkiness that has covered myriad food snafus, and who is sweetly attractive in a way that is alluring, yet not the least bit aggressive, and thus not at all threatening to Miss Reba, which means that I have permission to say she’s cute without fear of waking up in a pool of my own blood.

Anyway, it has the benefit of comfortable familiarity and occasional cosmopolitan interest, such as when there are car races in town (either at Talladega or at Barber). So, over the past six or so years, we have eaten there a lot.

OF LATE, however, Jennifer The Perfect Waitress has moved on up to kitchen management, and the entire sweet-tea-and-chicken-finger-fetching crew has completely turned over. New people, and not very good people, who are almost as rude and surly toward each other as they are to the customers. Our last few times have not been all that great, and then, there was last night.

Last evening, yet ANOTHER completely new crew, possibly several of whom might have actually worked in a restaurant before. There were only about seven tables working, and about eight waiters, yet it seemed like everyone was just in a huge tizzy about all the WORK they were having to do. All sorts of mumbled complaints and snotty remarks to each other does not a fine dining experience make. We had no silverware, our order took FOREVER to come out, and when it did, EVERY SINGLE THING WAS WRONG.

Now, I’m not one of those people who screams and hollers and throws a fit and starts begging for free food. I figure if the management is serious about keeping customers, they know what it takes to make things right, and they do it and ask if it will be sufficient, without having to bargain.

Apparently, no one like me works there anymore.

So, a sad good-bye to Jennifer, and good riddance to Ruby Tuesday in Leeds.

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