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Monday, November 10, 2003

Well, I felt a little nauseated, that's all...

I didn't even realize I was pregnant! But, indeed I must have been, because there is yet another blogger out there who will one day curse my name for having started him on the long road to obsessive-compulsive blogging. (Well, me and Barry Graham--how it happened that Barry and I were both involved in this conjunction is too strange and frightening to think about.)

ANYway, ladies and gentlemen, another Possumblogchild hits the airwaves, this time covered in thick, crusty Red Georgia Clay and written by longtime reader Dave Helton. (The mean ol' man who scared those kids at Wilder Tower.)

Congratulations to Dave on starting his new journey to mental instability, which, as we all know, goes great with heavy equipment and firearms.

SECOND OF ALL, on the way out of the house Friday, I received a message from Loyal Order of Possumblog Minions and Sunshine State Panhandle-dweller Jim Calloway, who found a marsupial fellow-traveller up in Portland, Oregon of all places. Interesting when people start talking to woodland creatures. (Although, frankly, anyone who can't tell the difference between tire noise and a mating call needs to be taken out of the gene pool, but hey, that's just me.)

THIRD OF ALL, I need to finish up my astounding series of yarns about Peripheral Hallucinations, Nighttime Navigation, Cold Wind, Exhaustion, Psychic Fairs, Cold Wind, GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!, Exhaustion, Noise, Cold Wind, Exhaustion, and Other Stuff, so I'll be back in a bit.

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