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Friday, November 14, 2003

From the "Silly College Hijinx" File

This would probably be better posted over at Weevil State's site (especially considering it had all of its contents stolen for the past two weeks), but Miss Janis sent me this link to those rowdy Volokh boys, who took note of this little gem from San Diego State: General education title turns 'PC'
By Michael Kuhlmann
Staff Writer

San Diego State is following suit in political correctness with other universities across the country by dropping the word "foreign" from the general catalog's "Foreign Language Requirement."

According to Dean of Division of Undergraduate Studies Geoffrey Chase, the University Senate decided to delete the word "foreign" from the title last Tuesday. Chase said the extraneous word carries negative connotations and should, therefore, be omitted in the next publication of the general catalog.

Members of the Undergraduate Council, who drafted a rationale, in support of this initiative wrote: "The term 'foreign' has been used to designate something alien and is as ethnocentric and inappropriate as using 'oriental' to designate a person of Asian descent." Moreover, members pointed out many universities that have already changed the wording of the requirement such as Stanford University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago and University of Texas. [...]
All the cool kids at Texas did it!

Anyway, in the spirit of becoming more tolerant and less oppressive, I suggest that "San Diego" be done away with, seeing as how it glorifies the idea of sainthood as practiced within the particularly patriarchal and exclusionary organization of the Roman Catholic church. Also "State" should be striken from the school's name, in that it unfairly promotes an unfair system of antidemocratic processes by which many people are oppressed and alienated. "Undergraduate" should also be barred from use, as it, by its very nature, denotes and stigmatizes as inferior one class of person over another. Finally, "Language" should not be used to indicate the various forms of oral, written, graphical, or other forms of communicated thoughts and ideas, in that over the years the word has taken on negative connotations among those who believe they should not be "required" to take classes and be graded on its use.

I feel so liberated.

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