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Friday, November 14, 2003

Date Night. Kinda.

In that the kids will be spending the night at their grandparents, and Reba and I will be attending a big to-do downtown, it is a date.

Making it less so of a date (but sending it way up the Odd-ometer) is that My Friend Jeff will be meeting us, and the event in question is the spectacular, super de-dooper Birmingham INTERNATIONAL Auto Show.

Obviously, this show is not quite the same as the other Birmingham International Auto Show, but it will have Scooby Doo, and Arnold.

This little soiree would obviously be more fun if it were a double date including My Friend Jeff's Wife, My Friend Cathy, but she is tremendously great with child and for some reason didn't really want to walk around looking at cars. I don't really know if Reba wants to walk around that much, either, but she said she would just clean house and do laundry if she stayed home. Now, I would be a real heel to go off and have fun while she did that, so I convinced her to come along so I wouldn't have to feel the burning pain of my shame and guilt as I sat in various high-dollar merchandise and practiced my silent flatulence skills. It is all about me, you know.

So that's for this evening, and then tomorrow the Tiny Girl has her next-to-last soccer game, and we have a dinner to go to at church, and all the other stuff to be done, and things, and all.

And there's a football game to watch, although I just can't bring myself to try to predict the outcome of this one.

Anyway, as I said this morning, all of you have a good weekend and I'll see you bright and early Monday.

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