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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

BUT, before we get to that--

Dave Helton sends along this link to a project Chief Wiggles is working on:
Attention Aspiring Writers: we need your help!

An animator who's a soldier serving with Chief Wiggles, wants to make a comic book to help spread the word in Iraq about the toy project. He's asked for stories that feature Chief Wiggles that teach a good principle or convey a positive attitude (think Chicken Soup for the Iraqi Child's Soul). He'll draw pictures and convert the story into comic book format. It will be translated into Arabic.

If you've always wanted to write a children's book, here's your chance! We'll cite you as the author. In the event that we sell the book, all the proceeds will go towards the toy drive. Please send us your uplifting stories!

You can email those stories to us at chiefwiggles@operationgive.org. [...]
Hmmm. I wonder if one of my Toothbrush Stories would translate? No matter--I'll send one along anyway and if they can use it, all's the better. Anyone else out there with a yen to scribble, get to work!

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