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Thursday, October 02, 2003

You know, I really like doing this.

No, not THAT, this...sitting here typing this. Because by doing this, and publishing it on the ol' Web, I have met the most interesting sorts of folks--such as, say, Fritz Schranck from up in Delaware.

I just got off the blower with Fritz, and unlike the last time, Ed Grimley was not mentioned once but that didn't seem to matter a bit.

Fritz was actually calling with a question about ADA compliance--I assume he called me because of my well-known abillty to spell ADA--but, as with anyone else that you know, the conversation took some pretty wide arcs and covered Important Topics of Great Concern to All, such as the ability of some to distinguish the smells of various barnyard animal droppings (and how those differ from the smell which required a call to the septic tank guy); political graft; Weevil State University Authorized Merchandise; older women; the art of marshmallow growing; daughters, and the boys who want to date them; the best way for fathers to deter advances from said boys (being: a) acting crazy, or b) be seen lovingly polishing guns while watching Full Metal Jacket, c) being overly affectionate toward him, or d) a combination of all three); political expediencies; maintaining happy marital relationships over the course of many years (tip: nobody's perfect, except your wife); and stuff like that.

Of course, Chet the E-Mail Boy was a bit jealous, and felt he was being ignored, but you know how he is.

Anyway, as good as it is to read Fritz, it's even more fun to talk at him.

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