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Thursday, October 23, 2003

One for the Ichthypundit?--Inmates help fish for mailboxes

Inmates help fish in order to get themselves a mailbox? What do they do for the fish? Why can't the fish help themselves? Why do the inmates need mailboxes? And is the only way to get a mailbox to help a fish--could they help a marine mammal or a crustacean and still get a mailbox?
News staff writer

Although he was still up the river, on Wednesday Montevallo City Jail inmate Clifton Hill found himself down the creek.

Hill and another inmate helped Montevallo police retrieve stolen mailboxes from the bottom of Spring Creek from Police Officer Mark Allred's boat.

"I'll do about anything to get out of the cell," Hill, 24, of Brierfield said after changing to a dry orange jumpsuit. Hill is serving time on a DUI.

About 15 mailboxes were stolen or damaged Saturday night from Indian Highlands, Ashville Circle and Hidden Valley, said Montevallo police Lt. Baird Pickett. Those neighborhoods all lie near Spring Creek. [...]
Oooh. Fishing FOR mailboxes.

Wonder how they taste?

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