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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Never ceasing to be amazed.

Those of you with more robust memories than I might remember that I posted a little post about my Night Hawk frozen dinner I ate for lunch way back on September 22.

Proving once and for all that You Can Find Anything on the Internet, I noticed this morning a comment left for that post:
Check out my Night Hawk fan page!
ckay humphries | Email | Homepage | 09.30.03 - 7:43 pm |
Did I dare?

Well, of course!

It seems Clay Humphries of Mobile, Alabama really, REALLY likes Night Hawk brand dinners, and even managed to get a COUPON from the good folks in Buda! (Would that I had such luck with my favorite local teevee reporter!)

In addition to receiving some much deserved one-on-one attention from the home office, Clay also lets us in on some of his favorites in the FAQ section:
1. TOM Asks- What is my favorite Night Hawk Meal?

Well Tom, I like all of the meals but if I was stranded on an Island with only one to pick it would have to be the Steak and Mac Entree. The steak with the special sauce is the bomb! [...]
All your Mac are belong to us!

Anyway, one of my kids will confirm that the Steak and Mac is good--they got into our stash one night for supper after soccer, and the flavorful packet of goo was a big hit.

And I really have to compliment Clay on the car. That there is a 1974 Spirit of America Chevy Nova (RPO Z-51).

So, there you go.

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