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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Fun with Referrer Logs

Oh, what an odd day--seems to be more than the normal number of desperate folks out there so badly searching for something that they decide to click on something called Possumblog for help.

Such as the person wanting to know about manual handling and reba. Look here RIGHT NOW...you don't need to know ANYTHING about that subject at ALL!!

Next up, someone who thinks this might be a good place to "right click and choose" russian girl. Well, I have to say, of all the number of Possumblog Industries subsidiaries that I have founded over the years, this idea never occurred to me. Then again, neither did opening any forklift mechanic schools in california, although such a school is probably more in keeping with the general tone of this blog.

And finally, where else could you go EXCEPT to Possumblog if you want to find out about rachel welch- cavewoman?

Maybe here--(it's black and white, but then again, it was taken a million years B.C.; you know, back before they could spell 'Raquel.')

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